All work and no play has been universally shunned, thanks to Jack — and his unwillingness to be a dull boy. However, in an age where work is increasingly taking over our lives, maintaining this balance becomes more complex.

How do you motivate your teams to keep up the work, especially when they’re operating in silos in a pandemic-induced remote set-up? The best thing to do is to make them feel connected by employing gamification strategies. This can be done remotely and simply by using cloud communication tools.

Let’s begin by understanding the term ‘gamification’.

If you’ve ever collected frequent…

Remote team engagement on the cloud

A certain, not-so-discreet, virus completely transformed the year 2020 for us. But like it or not, the changes we’ve come to accept this year will have far-reaching consequences. It’s not just a matter of coordinating work over the Internet — entire work structures and practices have changed.

Remote offices are more or less sustainable when empowered by cloud solutions. While the infrastructure might be stable, it’s nothing without appropriate human efforts. So how do you make your employees comfortable, engaged and invested in a remote setting, and for the long term?

The answer, once again, is cloud communication. When you…

Time has always been a fascinating concept for humans. We can’t control it, it never stops, and it affects everything. Perhaps that is why people have often tried to predict what the future would look like.

Some predictions were a bit far-fetched, to the say the least. Take, for example, the popular movie series, Back to the Future. Even though it’s from the 1980s, it envisioned a future with flying cars and hoverboards. But as we know, 2015 wasn’t up to the movie’s expectations.

Diksha Gusain

Music. Mountains. And everything else.

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